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Let me tell you about the best day of my life! I got up early and ran to the ...

信息发布者:Sarah789| 发布时间: 2016-9-9 13:55:24
     Let me tell you about the best day of my life! I got up early and ran to the kitchen in my pyjamas(睡衣). It was my thirteenth birthday and I was really ___46___ . In fact, I wasn't sleeping all night because I kept ___47___ all the presents I would get.
     I walked into the kitchen with a big smile on my face, ___48___ no body looked up. Mum and Dad were reading their newspapers while my two older brothers were eating breakfast. ___49___ said a word! “They have forgotten about my birthday!” I said to myself. I turned around and walked out of the ___50___ . Suddenly, I heard a noise, so I went back to ___51___ what it was. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There were lots of ___52___ on the kitchen table. “Surprise!” I heard ___53___ me. When I turned around, I saw Mum, Dad and my brothers! Mum was holding a huge ___54___ with candles and they were singing “Happy birthday” to me. We shared the cake and opened all the presents.
They didn’t ___55___ my birthday after all. It really was the best day of my life!
46. A. lonely                 B. excited             C. successful          D. weak
47. A. thinking about     B. picking up        C. taking out           D. putting away
48. A. for                     B. so                    C. or                      D. but
49. A. Nobody              B. Anybody           C.Somebody            D. Everybody
50. A. garden               B. kitchen             C. bedroom             D. study
51. A. see                    B. taste                C. explain                D. choose
52. A. newspaper          B. presents           C. menus                D. rings
53. A. of                      B. above               C. behind                D. from
54. A. picture               B. bowl                 C. spoon                 D. cake
55. A. realise                B. enjoy                C. forget                 D. celebrate

46-50 BADAB        51-55 ABCDC

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